Bose vs Beats: The Latest NFL Brand War

What NFL players wrap around their heads when they give television interviews is the subject of the latest brand war to hit the sporting world.

Premium audio company BOSE has signed a league sponsorship deal with the NFL according to the terms of which Bose has the right to prevent players and coaches from wearing any other manufacturers’ headphones during televised interviews. This ban extends to TV interviews conducted during pre-season training camps or practice sessions, to game day, pre-kickoff to the final whistle to post-game interviews conducted in the locker room or on the podium.

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The Fall and Fall of CLT20

Guess what’s nose-diving faster than the BCCI’s public image. The CLT20. For the still uninitiated, it’s the thing that Indians know as ‘that IPL-type tournament played by international IPL teams in which the only ones I know are the IPL teams…and… I really don’t care’. It stands for Champions League T20, btw.

How much of a ‘Champion’s’ League it is can be gauged by the fact that a 4th placed team in an 8-team league can also qualify for it. Bravo!

Here’s a brief story of its title sponsors. In just 5 years, the title sponsorship of CLT20 has gone from Airtel to Nokia to Karbonn to Oppo.

‘Oppo, who?’



If that’s not enough, the list of official sponsors for this year includes marquee brand names such as Cycle Pure Agarbathies, Gixxer, Wall Care White Cement Based Putty, and Killer Jeans. Wow, this tournament is rocking!

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