How to form an official football fans club

Manchester United Supporters Club Bangalore (MUSCB) is only the second Indian fan club to be recognised as “official” by MUFC, the first being in Mumbai.

Given the sheer number of Manchester United fans that we see all over India, just two “official” fan clubs in the country, seems to be a really low number. One of the barriers may be awareness about how to transform a bunch of informal club junkies into an official fan club.

To understand how it is done, we sat down with Mohan Kumar, a senior committee member of the newly formed MUSCB and asked him a few questions.

So if you want to know how you could set up an official supporters club in your city, here are some how-tos from someone closely involved in setting up the fan club. And you don’t have to be a Manchester United supporter to find this useful; there’s valuable inputs here for fans of all clubs.

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