4 not so obvious athlete branded games

Famous athletes endorse all kinds of things, from the common sport brands to some bizarre smile exercise machines from Japan. Games for consoles or mobile devices are one of them. While you might have heard of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (skateboarding) or Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour (golf), how often do you think a pro athlete endorses a game that has nothing to do with the sport they play?

In this post we will look at 4 athletes who have endorsed games that have nothing to do with the sport they are famous for.

1. Letters of Boom – Richard Sherman

The latest superstar to release a video game with his name on it is NFL’s Richard Sherman. It has nothing to do with the NFL or a field of any kind.


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Flip Side: New Zealand basketball team Haka

Some New Zealand sports teams are known for the way in which they start every match; they perform the Haka. The Haka is a traditional war cry, a war dance that Maori’s perform before a battle to challenge the opponent. Their rugby team, the All Blacks, made it famous for two reasons. One, massive rugby players performing the Haka genuinely intimidate opponents. And two, they follow that up with dominance on the rugby pitch. They are one of the best teams in the world of rugby.

The video below is the Haka performed by the rugby team. It contains subtitles for you get an idea of what exactly they shout out when they perform the ancestral dance.

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LA Clippers players and fans introduced to Steve Ballmer’s on stage enthusiasm

The LA Clippers have a new owner, and he’s very enthusiastic!


Steve Ballmer was the CEO at Microsoft for 14 years, and then was on the board of directors until this year. If you know who he is, you will probably know about his on stage antics.

Looks like he has brought the same enthusiasm to the LA Clippers, an NBA Basketball team he bought for $2 billion.

Check out what he did when he was unveiled as the new LA Clippers owner. Once he came on, observe how embarrassed, confused and uncomfortable some of the other people on stage seem to be with Ballmer’s energy and yelling.

(14 minutes is where he comes in)


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