3 reasons why Nike gets social media

Nike saw the importance of digital marketing and shifted from traditional medium to digital media early. They are one of the kings in the social media space for sports brands, as Jessica Smith points out in her piece. As Jessica points out, there are 3 big reasons why Nike gets social media.

1. Restructured their resources

They restructured the spending of their resources and didn’t just throw money at digital. By reducing the amount spent on traditional print and TV ads (as much as 40% in the US) they rearranged that money to be spent on digital and social media campaigns. The company’s current marketing budget stands at $2.4 billion. Continue reading

Some fan engagement stats that you won’t see in India (yet)!

Q1 Productions have made an infographic filled video of fan engagement stats from American sports. Data like this is hard to come by in India where stadiums lack the technologies to engage spectators, let alone monitor how many have entered the stadium without a ticket!

Here are some interesting points that stood out for us.

  • 88% of sports fans use a second screen, i.e. their laptop or mobile phones for additional data on a game that they are watching live on TV.
  • Getting spectators to your stadium early increases their overall spending. 40% increase in early arrivals increased overall spend by 59% at Seattle Sounders FC
  • Interacting with fans in the stands with cheering activities such as ‘Shout’ can create new habits for them to follow.

Watch the whole video below


Digital advertising spends to surpass TV advertising within next decade

Digital advertising has come a long way since the first banner ad was seen back in 1994. If you were too young to have either seen this or remember this, here’s the first banner ad ever made.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.30.16 pm

Mike Hanlon discusses the evolution of digital advertising in the twenty years of its existence in this piece form Gizmag and also discusses possibilities about the future.

For something that did not even exist twenty years ago, digital advertising has sure come a long way:

  • 1994: Web advertising is born
  • 2004: Total advertising spend on digital remains at less than 5%
  • 2014: Digital ad share is at 25% and is projected to grow to 33% by 2018

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How digital marketing is bringing in more money for football clubs

The use of digital media and marketing by big consumer brands is par for the course in today’s marketing world. The latest trend is in football clubs joining the bandwagon. But while brands look for maximum exposure and impressions, with football clubs advertising money needs to translate into an answer to the million dollar question, “how many of those new seats in the new section in the stadium are being filled?”.

Here are a few insights from a post about where the money is to be made for football clubs from digital. Continue reading

What people are saying about the Indian Super League

The Indian Super League has started with much glitz, glamour and fanfare. Packed stadiums in Kolkata and Guwahati, high television and online viewership, and the general buzz around this tournament is making it appear like football’s answer to the IPL as far as India is concerned.

But, what is the word on the street for the ISL? Below are questions asked and answered by Quora users.

Q. What was your first impression about Indian Super League?

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Bose vs Beats: The Latest NFL Brand War

What NFL players wrap around their heads when they give television interviews is the subject of the latest brand war to hit the sporting world.

Premium audio company BOSE has signed a league sponsorship deal with the NFL according to the terms of which Bose has the right to prevent players and coaches from wearing any other manufacturers’ headphones during televised interviews. This ban extends to TV interviews conducted during pre-season training camps or practice sessions, to game day, pre-kickoff to the final whistle to post-game interviews conducted in the locker room or on the podium.

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JSW Squash Challenger Circuit, India’s first Pro Squash Series


India’s first professional squash series has been sanctioned by the sport’s global governing bodies, PSA and WSA. It begins the 2nd of October, 2014, at the Jaipur Club. Following the Jaipur tournament, many players will move onto Mumbai, where the next two tournaments of the circuit take place at Juhu Ville Parle Gymkhana (9-12 Oct) and NSCI (16-19 Oct). The circuit will wrap up at the ISA in Chennai (26-29 Oct).

Each circuit event will have a 16-man and 16-woman draw, comprising 11 direct entrants, a wild card and four qualifiers, which would be held prior to the main draw over two days.

While all the four men’s PSA events will carry a prize money of USD 10,000 with the winner gaining 175 points each, the first three women’s WSA events will be USD 5,000 and the finals USD 10,000 with the winner gaining 350 points each.

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Chucking 101: The Essential Guide to Understanding Chucking in Cricket

Sunil Narine was recently reported for a suspect action bowling action making him the 4th high profile off-spinner to come under the scanner in recent weeks after Saeed Ajmal, Mohammed Hafeez, and Senanayake.

The tweet we sent out on the subject elicited two responses that pretty much capture all facts and fallacies related to chucking in cricket.


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