8 sports stars into digital sports startups

Grabyo grabbed the headlines recently for raising money from some A list footballers and basketball star Tony Parker. Apart from generating bad puns, the development also marks the continuation of a recent trend of sports stars getting involved with digital innovation companies, especially ones that are connected to sports.

Clearly, the present generation of athlete-celebrities have moved on from partnering in restaurants and buying small stakes in franchises to finding the next Zuckerberg.

1 to 4: Henry, RvP, Fabregas, and Tony Parker – GRABYO

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Why I might download an ESPN app again

Here is why I don’t use an ESPN mobile app right now.

When I bought my first Android phone a 5 years ago, I wanted a sports app that did the following 5 things:

  1. Live scores for football and cricket
  2. Gave me team details
  3. News & Transfer updates
  4. NOT take up much space on my phone’s limited storage capacity (ever get that message ‘insufficient storage’ on your phone?)
  5. NOT use all the RAM my phone had

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Digital advertising spends to surpass TV advertising within next decade

Digital advertising has come a long way since the first banner ad was seen back in 1994. If you were too young to have either seen this or remember this, here’s the first banner ad ever made.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.30.16 pm

Mike Hanlon discusses the evolution of digital advertising in the twenty years of its existence in this piece form Gizmag and also discusses possibilities about the future.

For something that did not even exist twenty years ago, digital advertising has sure come a long way:

  • 1994: Web advertising is born
  • 2004: Total advertising spend on digital remains at less than 5%
  • 2014: Digital ad share is at 25% and is projected to grow to 33% by 2018

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VenueNext – The future of venue experiences

How do you turn a new sports stadium into a Silicon Valley tech start-up? San Francisco 49ers can probably answer that question.

The NFL team from the heart of the Valley, San Francisco 49ers, opened its Levi’s Stadium to public in August 2014. Billed as one of the world’s best outdoor sports and entertainment venues, it’s built at a cost of $1.3 billion with 1.85 million square feet of space, with high speed Wifi connecting the approximately 68,500 people that fill it to capacity.

This time lapse video shows how this hi-tech stadium was built.



What this video does not show, though, is how it led to the inception of the hot Silicon Valley start-up, VenueNext.

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Fanmode: An app that lets you cheer for your team from home

It is an incredible feeling when you cheer for a goal scored by your team along with 30ooo+ fans in a football stadium. That being said, one is not always at a stadium watching a goal being scored by their team along with 30000+ fans. But what if someone has made it possible to cheer along with thousands of people right from your favourite spot on your couch in front of your television at home?

Enter, Fanmode.

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5 reasons why #Glasgow2014 failed as a digital experience

There was no better way to follow the 2012 London Olympics, than on the Internet. Not only could you watch any of the disciplines live on Youtube at anytime (if you were in one of 64 countries anyway), finding virtually any piece of information you needed was easy and intuitive.

You never expect a backward step in the digital word, but in comparison to the London Games, the experience of trying to follow the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow online, is turning out to be a rather disappointing experience.

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Review of 120sports – An innovation in new media sports content

Innovation in content formats has been a key element in the battle for digital eyeballs, especially as new media has taken over the content consumption landscape. Long articles have long been replaced by short reads and the importance of pictorial and video content in a publisher’s mix of offerings is globally understood and accepted.

120sports by Times Inc is an interesting large scale attempt at innovation in content format, that should be observed closely over the next 12 months to see if it is able to make a dent in the insatiable market for sports content.

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How the British Open has broken from tradition and gone digital

A case study on engaging with fans at the venue


At the 2014 British Open, won by Rory McIlroy, fans at the venue had access to something they take granted in their day to day lives, but have been mostly denied at one of golf’s traditional show pieces so far — Wifi.

From a fan engagement perspective though, it is their switch to digital scoreboards (or leaderboards — the apt reference for golf) that is changing the way people stay informed about what’s happening.

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Three great Android apps to follow Football News & Transfer Rumours

Everyone needs a go-to football app on their android phone. One that gives them live scores, news and transfer information with live scores being the most sought after of the three.

My go-to live score app is SofaScore

It gives me live scores without the news & it does it the scores brilliantly. It doesn’t just provide me with push notifications for every goal (which is common), it also provides me with a video link to watch the goal that I missed.
That little bonus of watching a video soon after the goal is scored is what makes me come back to SofaScore every time.

But when there is no live match being played, you need to know who your club will sign in the transfer window.

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