3 reasons why Nike gets social media

Nike saw the importance of digital marketing and shifted from traditional medium to digital media early. They are one of the kings in the social media space for sports brands, as Jessica Smith points out in her piece. As Jessica points out, there are 3 big reasons why Nike gets social media.

1. Restructured their resources

They restructured the spending of their resources and didn’t just throw money at digital. By reducing the amount spent on traditional print and TV ads (as much as 40% in the US) they rearranged that money to be spent on digital and social media campaigns. The company’s current marketing budget stands at $2.4 billion.

2. Build relationships with consumers

They listen, connect and engage with their fans while promoting their passion for the brand and the sport. In doing so fans connect with the brand Nike and the identity of Nike as a sports company. Below you can see how the Nike Running twitter handle goes about interacting with their customers.


3. They are storytellers

By building a story to engage the customer, they make them feel connected to the brand. Every campaign that Nike does is about telling a story, not about selling their latest pair of shoes. Even a campaign building up to the launch of the Nike Vapor golf clubs started with the #DontSleepOnSummer, and then eventually lead to the product launch. Their primary focus of that campaign was on promoting the beauty, nuances, and passion that goes with the game of golf. They just happen to make great products for it too.

Here are a few of our favourite tweets.

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