Flip Side: New Zealand basketball team Haka

Some New Zealand sports teams are known for the way in which they start every match; they perform the Haka. The Haka is a traditional war cry, a war dance that Maori’s perform before a battle to challenge the opponent. Their rugby team, the All Blacks, made it famous for two reasons. One, massive rugby players performing the Haka genuinely intimidate opponents. And two, they follow that up with dominance on the rugby pitch. They are one of the best teams in the world of rugby.

The video below is the Haka performed by the rugby team. It contains subtitles for you get an idea of what exactly they shout out when they perform the ancestral dance.

New Zealand basketball team Haka at FIBA World Cup 2014

Like the All Blacks, the NZ basketball team also perform the Haka before every match and recently performed the dance against one of the best teams in the world of basketball, team USA at the FIBA World Cup 2014.



Before which they played against the Dominican Republic.



Turkey walks off court during New Zealand’s Haka

While everyone is talking about the haka performed against Team USA, you should take a look at what happened in New Zealand’s first game at the FIBA World Cup 2014.

I’d consider their response to NZ as a ‘no-handshake’ kind of moment, one that is written excessively about when it happens in the world of football. Watch the video below, and how the Turkish team react to New Zealand’s Haka.



The Flip Side: NZ Basketball team Haka not followed by domination on the court

While the Haka and the All Blacks present the complete package of intimidation and performance, the New Zealand basketball team cannot brag about the same thing just yet. At the FIBA World Cup 2014, they are not the favourites to win. In fact they are rated at 2500/1 on William Hill to win the tournament. Those odds were backed up by the fact that they lost the opening three games at the competition only winning in the fourth group game against Ukraine, a team with 500/1 odds of winning the tournament.

That said, if you consider the fact that the Haka is a war cry, then wars are won and lost. New Zealand sports teams will continue to perform the Haka, and the world will always be entertained by it.


Sometimes, you may even be treated to a challenge in the opposite direction. Watch how the Fijian rugby team challenged the All Blacks in 2011 in the video below!

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