5 essential tips for football fantasy league newbies

The time has come, the premier league season is here.

Your friends and colleagues are quietly doing their research on players’ transfer deals getting prepared to pick the best team they can for their 2014/15 Fantasy Premier League season.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 5.48.40 PM

So… you aren’t doing the same and there are a few possible reasons why…

  • Last time, you made a team and forgot about it
  • You found it hard to keep updating your team, losing out on points in the bargain, and eventually losing interest
  • You don’t know where or how to start (so you say you aren’t into it)
  • You don’t want to embarrass yourself amongst your peers with your lack of fantasy league experience & knowledge
  • Not as fun as playing Fifa 14 on your gaming console

I made this list because I too flaunted these reasons for not joining the fantasy league for quite a few years, until the 2013/14 EPL Season.

It actually turned out to be quite good fun!

Here are 5 tips for football fantasy league newbies.

1. A simple way to start picking your team

There are quite a few factors to worry about when picking team. New manager and his squad choices, injuries, suspensions carried forward, player-manager fallouts, etc. The list goes on.

So this is what you do.

  • Pick 4 top class players, one in each position — GK, defender, midfielder, and striker. If you manage your money well you could get more top players in there.
    You can use WhoScored to see which player would be best, with their well rounded player assessment.

  • With all of your picks, make sure you pick players who will play the maximum number of games in a season, like a Yaya Toure or a Per Mertesacker.

A player who doesn’t play doesn’t get you points. Look at their squads, how many games they played the previous season and if any player has been signed to replace them.

2. Join a private league with just your friends

As it is with most things, playing a game with friends is fun. Trust me it is much better than trying to play a season in the regular league that has 100000+ people. Not the best thing to do for your confidence.

Your friends who are regulars will have a league of their own. Get their league code and join in. They will assume that you are easy pickings anyway.
That said, you may just surprise them.

3. Make your friends remind you to update your team

Forgetting to update your team is a common miss when you play through a whole season. Take advantage of your enthusiastic friends who will already have a WhatsApp group where they chat about their team selection or performance.

Get on that and their chatter will be your reminder to update your team!

4. Twitter handles & Blogs for tips

Hints and tips are great, so when you find a source of constant updates make the most of it. There are many twitter handles that are dedicated to the fantasy premier league, tips, injury updates, and squad details.
Here are a few to follow.




You may not be on Twitter or you may want a little more information in one place that is longer than 140 characters. So here are three blogs you could check out for your weekly dose of fantasy premier league details.




You could find yourself getting more and more into this whole thing, so these blogs will come in handy.

5. Chill out!

I started playing my first season not caring about embarrassing myself amongst my friends (because I have done that enough). Don’t take this league seriously. Don’t worry if you miss out on changing your team for one weekend. You can make up for that miss if you are smart about your squad changes.

Bottom line, the more seriously you take this, the less fun you will have.

End result

You follow more football with your friends, you know more about a lot of players, you watch more teams’ games apart from your favourite just to see if your player is getting you some points, and you have fun along the way.

So play the fantasy premier league this season! It’s not so bad.

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