LA Clippers players and fans introduced to Steve Ballmer’s on stage enthusiasm

The LA Clippers have a new owner, and he’s very enthusiastic!


Steve Ballmer was the CEO at Microsoft for 14 years, and then was on the board of directors until this year. If you know who he is, you will probably know about his on stage antics.

Looks like he has brought the same enthusiasm to the LA Clippers, an NBA Basketball team he bought for $2 billion.

Check out what he did when he was unveiled as the new LA Clippers owner. Once he came on, observe how embarrassed, confused and uncomfortable some of the other people on stage seem to be with Ballmer’s energy and yelling.

(14 minutes is where he comes in)



Here is a bunch of other videos that the LA Clipper fans will get familiar with.


At a keynote in front of Microsoft employees. He really loves that company.


At a keynote for developers. He loves developers.


He also loves web developers.


Ballmer selling Windows 1.0


Him selling Windows XP


Let’s see what he does next, this time at the LA Clippers!

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