Three great Android apps to follow Football News & Transfer Rumours

Everyone needs a go-to football app on their android phone. One that gives them live scores, news and transfer information with live scores being the most sought after of the three.

My go-to live score app is SofaScore

It gives me live scores without the news & it does it the scores brilliantly. It doesn’t just provide me with push notifications for every goal (which is common), it also provides me with a video link to watch the goal that I missed.
That little bonus of watching a video soon after the goal is scored is what makes me come back to SofaScore every time.

But when there is no live match being played, you need to know who your club will sign in the transfer window.


Three apps to follow football news & transfer rumours

Twitter has it all, but it also has a lot of fluff that you need to get past before you get to the real meat of your search. Also, not everyone has a twitter account in the subcontinent (but that seems to be changing very quickly).

So here are three apps that I find useful on my device to get me football news & transfer rumours.

Note: These are not apps made by websites that give me the news (e.g. ESPNFC). Personal preference, but I would much rather use my laptop to use those sites, rather than their mobile apps.

#1 FotMob

(Application size — 7.7Mb)

FotMob is one of the more popular apps amongst my peers, incidentally for live scores. While I use SofaScore for that, I like using this application for two reasons in particular.

  1. It gives me the latest league based club news & transfers, easily available linking me to articles within the app.
  2. It provides me with an audio clip of each club/country, a daily bulletinon Transfers, Rumors, News, & Manager/Player Quotes.
    The bulletin makes me feel closer to the club, geographically, making me feel like I have access to information from closer to the action.


Has mobile ads. Premium version can be purchased to remove the ads.

#2 OneFootball

Application size — 8.5Mb

Like FotMob, OneFootball gives me live scores and the news. Below every article there is a comments section. I am the type who likes to read the comments section of articles because it provides me with some light entertainment.

It doesn’t have any extra media features like FotMob does, i.e. audio bulletins, but it does the basics very well. It is quick on my phone (Nexus 5) and is responsive even when I have 3G connectivity issues.


3 SportsYapper

Application size — 30Mb

As I said earlier, I like to read the comments section of articles for banter and entertainment. If you like to do the same then you should check out SportsYapper.

The main purpose of this application is to be the banter room amongst friends and like-minded fans before, during or after a football game. Come here to find memes, jokes, transfer gossip, and silly arguments.

You can connect your Facebook or Twitter account to help you get more of your friends on the application and it isn’t very intrusive.
The only notification I received was one asking me to take a look at a banter session between Liverpool & Manchester United fans. A few hours after the game had finished, useful because I was watching the game and missed the banter.


If you have app recommendations that you feel needs to be added to this list, leave a note and we’ll take a look!

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